Our vision

Advancing human mobility

To create customized solutions which foster the most sustainable, safe and comfortable human mobility on public transportation

Service improvement

To optimize and improve services to passengers, drivers and transportation operators and authorities

Technological innovation

To create solutions with new technologies that are constantly evolving to be lighter, more powerful and easier to use

The team

Who We Are

Jean-Paul Medioni

Jean-Paul Medioni


Rachel Iglesias

Rachel Iglesias

North America business development

Philippe Medioni

Business development

Nathalie Azoulay

Relationship Manager

Sébastion Hurtaux

Product owner

Laurence Medioni

Communication & Sustainability

Adrien Grand


Aurélien Schelcher

Aurélien Schelcher

Mobile Application lead

Our expertise


Our team members’ valuable expertise and experience provide us with an in-depth understanding of the organization of the school and public transportation sectors, as well as a mastery of the ecosystems of identification technologies.
UbiTransport’s capacity to conceptualize and put in place new approaches, as well as add value to existing systems, allows us to bring pertinent solutions to problems faced by transportation authorities.


UbiTransport is a dynamic catalyst, accelerating the deployment of intelligent transportation systems in the chain of actors in public transit. The company designs systems and integrates technologies for the on-board treatment of information.


Thanks to our technical knowledge of on-board systems and the virtualization of applications, our strong experience in the transport sector and our product platforms, we have developed and integrated wireless, client-customized solutions designed around communicating network platforms, allowing actors in the sector to track and manage their assets.

Virtualization consists of co-hosting on one distant machine (or server in the cloud) several applications, which simplifies administrative tasks (migration, saving, updates…), better uses capacities and reduces the number of machines used.

A company engaging in a virtualization approach benefits from:

  • lower investment and operating costs,
  • an optimization of its IT infrastructure with a reduction in its server cluster,
  • savings on server maintenance costs,
  • energy savings,
  • an increase in productivity,
  • an optimization of the use of physical servers.


The company is an expert in the field of human mobility; its expertise encompasses:

  • Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
  • On-board systems (hard and software)
  • Geolocalization technologies
  • RFID, NFC technologies
  • Cloud computing technologies
  • On-board Radio Frequency Systems

From the adaptation of an existing system to the development of your solution

UbiTransport works with you to develop or modernize a wireless system that meets your specific needs. After an evaluation phase, we define a system architecture, address your expectations, and identify the appropriate equipment. We then tackle the design, development, testing, integration and validation. To conclude, we oversee two final phases, system tests and vehicle integration of the deployed solution.

Consulting and support

We offer to Transportation Authorities our advice in the following fields:

  • Consulting in system integration
  • Technology choice
  • Management of Complex Projects
  • Drafting of general and detailed documents providing functional analysis
  • Tracking of developments and revenues
  • Expertise in the development and integration, and sizing of RFID/NFC/ EE systems

Consulting offers for transportation companies. Services aimed at network operators and suppliers of services to users :

  • Studies and consulting services in the identification of on-board technologies
  • Technical audit of your business solutions
  • Fixed-rate study for the development of your business solutions

Consulting offers for industrial groups. Services for suppliers of products and services which work with transport manufacturers involved in the the mobility chain:

  • Fixed-rate studies
  • Engineering


Where Are We ?