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CEO Jean-Paul Medioni talking about « 2School » during interview on the show « Sustainable Business » on French business news TV channel BFM, May 2015: « Innovation in school transportation »

BFM Business

« When the smartphone revolutionizes school transport »

« The start-up Ubi Transports is innovating in the transportation sector, putting in place smartphone and tablet technologies in place of traditional on-board systems…
After seeing a school bus making its rounds while nearly empty, company founder Jean-Paul Medioni had the idea for Ubi Transports – a company devoted to helping school bus and other transit networks better optimize their resources…
And it works. The municipalities using Ubi Transports’ technologies average 5 to 10 percent operating cost reductions from the outset
According to Medioni, there is no company providing a similar technology in Europe or North America…The company saw a 500 percent revenue growth in 2014 and a 1500 percent growth is projected for 2015. »

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« 2School, student transportation management as simple as a phone call »

« The municipality of Saone-et-Loire , located just north of Lyon, was the first to equip its [400] school buses with Ubi Transports’ 2School solution…This student transportation management solution, equipped with a mini CAD-AVL system, is provided via an on-board smartphone which sends collected data to the cloud…
Tracking school buses and students, routing and fleet management software, usually require solutions which are heavy to install and complex to maintain, not to mention very costly…
However, the data collected by 2School helps to optimize the operations of school bus systems, despite being considered the ‘’poor parents’’ of public transportation, as Mr. Medioni refers to school transport…
Medioni says Ubi Transports’ solutions cost four times less in investment and two times less in operational costs than a classic CAD-AVL system…Ubi Transports has outfitted multiple other school districts in France as well as SNCF substitution buses in the Provence region.

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« Ubi Transports democratizes ticketing »

« […]While working in the field of engineering of embedded systems for public transport, Ubi Transports founder Jean-Paul Medioni observed the difficulties transportation authorities faced with traditional embedded CAD-AVL and ticketing systems – costly, heavy and difficult to install and maintain. This gave him the idea to create light, affordable, easy-to-use CAD-AVL, ticketing and passenger information systems based on smartphones and the cloud[…]
For small urban and interurban networks, Ubi Transports developed 2Place, a fare payment and CAD-AVL system based on SaaS…2Place is light, agile, favorizes intermodality and is geared towards interurban and small urban transit networks; once again, clients which may not have the financial resources to install heavy embedded systems[…].
The company seeks to be a leader in making mobility more sustainable, safe and comfortable. After only two and a half years of existence, the company has seen rapid revenue and employee growth[…] »

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