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“Don’t forget any child on board”
the new Ubitransport device

After the real time list of pupils on board in case of an accident, Ubitransport is once again committed to safety in school transportation with its automatic reminder system “Don’t forget any child on board”. As a partner of ANATEEP, the French national association for the safety of school transportation, Ubitransport is deploying this feature free of charge for its customers transporting pupils.

With the “Don’t forget any child on board” pop-up window, each driver is automatically notified at the end of the course and presses a button to certify that his vehicle is empty of any passengers after verification. The driver can validate the pop-up at the last stop, before any new course or at the drop-off point but always before leaving the vehicle. The information is then uploaded in real time to the network’s operating cloud.

This new security feature is automatically deployed on Ubitransport’s 2School networks. It can also be activated for intercity and urban networks equipped with 2Place that also provide a school service.

Every year, about ten children are forgotten in school buses in France*. Initiatives such as those taken by Ubitransport to alert the organising authorities and transporters, to raise awareness of the actors in the field, i.e. drivers and accompanying persons, are a step towards a better public service of school transport”, says Eric Breton, Director of Studies at ANATEEP.

*In France, 9 children were forgotten in school transport in 2020, compared to 10 in 2019 (Source ANATEEP).

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