A new CEO for Ubitransport

to support the group’s ambitions

Ubitransport is pleased to announce the appointment of Jérôme Tredan as Chief Executive Officer. His role will involve building the future of the group, dedicated to becoming a global leader in intelligent mobility. Jean-Paul Medioni, founder and historical leader of Ubitransport, will become President of Ubitransport. 

The development prospects of Ubitransport and its subsidiaries, which now have 200 employees and equip 210 transport networks, call for a new governance to meet the challenges of customer commitment, innovation, growth and internationalisation.

Ubitransport is an incredible company. A member of the French Tech 120 for 3 consecutive years, it understood early on how to meet the needs of the market. Profitable and growing quickly, it led the digitalisation of public transport ticketing and now offers a mobility platform that makes sense economically, socially and environmentally. Ubitransport has enormous potential to become a champion of mobility in cities and territories worldwide, driven by a committed team with the humility to make these changes,” explains Jérôme Tredan, CEO of Ubitransport

Jérôme Tredan wishes to accompany Ubitransport in its change of scale and in defining the structure of its organisations while preserving its DNA, its values, and the proximity and attentiveness to customers that have contributed to its success. As of now, Jerome is actively meeting the teams and he will devote his first 100 days to refining the vision and proposing an action plan for the group for 2025.

Experience in both large groups and startups.

Jérôme Tredan has been working on large-scale projects in the IT world for 20 years. After graduating from Sciences Po Paris, he joined the consulting firm Arthur Andersen. He then joined Microsoft, where he spent 14 years in sales, marketing and product line management positions for Windows, then Servers and Cloud (he launched Windows Azure in France). Later he worked as sales and marketing manager for small and medium-sized businesses.

Eager to be directly involved in future strategic decisions of a company, he decided to explore the world of startups. In 2016, he joined artificial intelligence startup “Saagie” and intervened on all levers to enhance the global value of this “plug and play” platform that puts data at the service of the customer.

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