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About 2Place

2Place is a complete, digital fare collection solution for fixed-route and intercity transit.

2Place is composed of different stand-alone modules as well as various options to best accommodate our client’s needs.

The solution integrates natively a full range of fare collection capabilities from the basic paper-based ticket sold on board to the most advanced smart card and mobile ticketing solution.

All the information are processed by the smartphone and sent immediately to the cloud to provide real time combined data on CAD/AVL and passenger flow information as well as reporting to help optimize the operation.

2Place’s On-Board Module requires simple, light  hardware which connect via bluetooth: smartphone, card reader (if smartcards used), printer (if receipt printing desired)

2Place’s Back-Office allows administrators to:

  •     Monitor in real-time and create combined AVL, passenger flow and sales activity
  •     Answer customer complaints in real-time
  •     Customize any type of are in full autonomy
  •     Track sales in real-time and report detailed analysis (data are available online and can be exported in various formats)


Want to know more about the benefits of our 2Place solution ?

Our clients say it best !

The solution has fully met our expectations. It allows a better respect of the specifications, to go back in time, to adapt the service to the expectations of the users and make life easier. The number of family claims is close to zero.

I feel more confidence and transparency. People understood our capacity to follow our network and to be transparent. If necessary, we provide the statistical elements and make measured decisions. This is a real asset and contributes to our credibility.

Yann Vivat, Transport and Mobility Vice President of Privas Centre Ardèche Urban Community


The new services proposed by Ubitransport definitely answer a need frequently expressed.  The system works very smoothly and is largely used. Public transit is an environmentally friendly alternative to cars. in order for Public transportation to gain momentum, it is very important to offer a service that performs well, and where passengers are well-informed.

Jean-Marc Vayssouze-Faure, Mayor of the City of Cahors-France, president of Grand Cahors, France

The system makes it easier for us to manage and understand the system: CAD/AVL gives us access to the trip history and means we can see the distances covered, runtimes, trips made, etc. In turn, this allows us to produce precise statistics quickly, without having to carry out additional research, makes it easier to identify areas that are causing difficulties for drivers and shows which vehicles are running early or late, in real time. It allows us to be responsive and provide reasoned arguments in answer to complaints.

Julien Grossetête, project manager in the Transportation and Travel Department in Grand Cahors, France

I chose Ubitransport for four main reasons. A light fare collection system with an acceptable purchase price, rapid implementation, simple purchasing process and finally, a system that responds to the needs of a rural area.

Jean-Luc Le Berre, Transportation Manager of Vienne area, France

The politicians didn’t believe a light system could work. Now they’re right behind it and are proud to present the system to other local authorities.
It’s a real cultural shift. It’s a new way of thinking about systems, instead of just adopting the ones used by larger systems, no matter what happens. With digital solutions like Ubitransport’s, a medium-sized city can finally innovate and be ahead of its time.

Nicole Galey, former head of Transportation Services in the Grand Périgueux region, France

It took two months to implement the solution, whereas it normally takes a year or more to introduce a fare collection system. It quickly proved its reliability. We get information regardless of the area the bus is traveling in. We know whether it’s early or late and we can respond to complaints instantly.
Thanks to the eStore, fewer tickets are purchased on board the bus and the sales agency is less congested.

Ronan Goalen, director of PERIBUS for the Grand Périgueux region, France

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