We operate in a large rural area. Digital technology overcomes distances and offers services that were not accessible to the population until now.

Ubitransport was our first experience using digital technology for transportation services. The results I’ve seen are as follows:

·    Economic efficiencies, with a better match between needs and resources.

·    Optimization of vehicle use

·    The ability to produce better invitations to tender.

·    Operational efficiencies

·    Time savings.

·    An improvement in the relationship between drivers and passengers.

·    Almost total elimination of fraud.

·    better information and greater transparency for passengers.

We have the impression the service is more efficient but there’s still a way to go. Our aim is to remain agile and continue to make progress.

Cécile Montreuil, Director of Services with responsibility for territorial strategies, Saône-et-Loire department, France

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